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Lucy had her pups  "08/24/2021"

Lucy had 12 pups!

They are:

3 Chocolate Males and 2 Chocolate Females

3 Yellow Males and 1 Yellow Females

1 Black Male and 2 Black females

All are doing great. For this many pups, they are

all very nice sizes.


The pups at are open for deposits are

 (2) Chocolate Males, &  (2) Yellow Males

(1) Black Female, (1) Chocolate Female, (1) Yellow Female

If you would like to put a deposit down on one of these pups please call or text my cell phone


We go by a first deposit in gets first choice and so on.

Let us know if you have any questions.

This is Lucy, she has a very nice disposition. 

She weighs around 80 to 85 lbs. She is in very good health and is a very good Mom.  We haven't had Lucy's hips rated by the OFA, but her parents and grandparents have all been Good to Excellent with their OFA, This is Lucy's 2nd litter. The first litter was also with Jax. 

This is Jax the Sire of the Litter. Jax is a great boy! He has the best disposition of all the dogs! That is saying a lot as all of our dogs have great dispositions!! Jax is out of hunting stock. We don't hunt but a lot of people do so we got him from a hunting kennel. We have had his OFA done and he is "good" with his hips. He weighs between 75 and 80 lbs. His pups seem to always be larger than he is.

Lucy and her 12 pups

​Lucy and her 12 pups!!

The pups are almost 

2 weeks old in these photos

These are the 3 yellow males

2 are open for deposits at this time.

The one Yellow Female  (still open for deposit)

 These are the 2, black females

1 is still open for a deposit​

This is the 1 Black Male,  He is taken

These are the 3 Chocolate Males. 

2 of the chocolate males are open for a deposit

These are the 2 Chocolate Females

1 is open for a deposit